TopoTaq DNA Polymerase

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TopoTaq Protocols (pdf)
TopoTaq HF Protocols (pdf)

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TopoTaq is a hybrid DNA polymerase that offers exceptional performance for a wide range of PCR applications. TopoTaq incorporates a new technology developed by Fidelity Systems (see PNAS), TopoTaq dramatically advances the key properties of the Taq DNA polymerase by linking it with unique non-specific DNA binding domains. TopoTaq utilizes the gain in processivity, thermostability and specificity, resulting in shortened extension times, more robust and high yield amplification, and the ability to do 20 kb templates in the absence of exonuclease activities. The performance of TopoTaq is further enhanced by addition of a hyperstable Methanopyrus DNA topoisomerase that facilitates DNA strand separation.

TopoTaq demonstrates consistent results on GC-rich templates and can produce up to 12 kb long products from GC-rich genomic DNA, as it has a powerful strand displacement capacity.

TopoTaq is resistant to common inhibitors of DNA polymerases, such as high concentrations of salts, DNA intercalating dyes (SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, ethidium bromide), organic solvents (phenol), and biological fluids (blood, urine).

TopoTaq has very high specificity due to the built-in "hot start" features provided by the combined action of our proprietary hyperstable DNA binding domains and the DNA unlinking activity of Methanopyrus topoisomerase.

TopoTaq is well suited for robust DNA amplification in standard applications and provides unique chances in very special cases.

TopoTaq is an excellent choice for amplification of plasmid and genomic DNAs directly from bacterial cultures or individual colonies.

Original TopoTaq has no exonuclease activity. High Fidelity TopoTaq HF incorporates a proofreading domain with exonuclease activity.

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Covered by U.S. Patents 5,427,928, 5,656,463, 5,902,879, 6,548,251. Patents pending. TopoTaq is a trademark of Fidelity Systems

TopoTaq development is supported in part by the National Institutes of Health (NCI)

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